Fitness Tips

May 13, 2014
Strive for progress, not perfection
July 27, 2015

Getting started!!

Congratulations on deciding to get fit. You have successfully taken the first step. Here are 5 things to help you get started! 1) Gear/Clothing When getting started in the gym, it is important to wear the correct clothing for you. One of the key points with clothing is dress for comfort, whether this is newer stylish fashion or old tattered […]
August 12, 2015

Fitness Myths

There is so much fitness information out there, it is hard to sort fact from fiction. So here at Hi B Fitness, we have some of the most common myths busted. 1) Weight training will make women bulky To be bulky and “manly” you need a lot of testosterone. The average man produces ten times the amount of testosterone as […]
August 29, 2015

Staying Motivated!

At some point or another we have all found it hard to get off the couch and get to the gym. Fitness goals can be hard to achieve. So, here is a few ways to help keep yourself motivated to help reach your goals! 1) Find positive like minded People Finding a community of positive people (friends, coworkers, or even your […]
September 2, 2015

Types of Training

With so many different fitness classes from tabata to aqua aerobics, it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. Here is a list of 4 different training styles and which class is best suited to each. 1) Cardiovascular Fitness Cardio fitness refers to working the heart and pumping the blood. So it’s all the activities […]
September 12, 2015

Benefits of Water

How much water should you drink? Sounds like an easy enough question, however, the answer is different for everyone. It depends on age, height, activity levels and a variety of other factors. After doing a bit of research we found that most articles published agree with the average intake for male and females.  (Male: 3 litres daily, Female: 2.2 Litres […]
October 2, 2015

Fall Fitness Tips

The days are shorter and the nights are colder, but there’s no off-season for staying in shape. So here at Hi B Fitness we have a few fall fitness tips to maintain your fitness. Using Technology – Apps and fitness watches such as Fitbit, help you keep track of your daily activity to ensure that you are still reaching your […]
October 10, 2015

Confidence is King!

Are you a runner?  Are you a weight lifter?  Are you a powerlifter, strongman competitor, or a stage competitor?  Are you a little of all these put together?  Whatever your fitness passion is, one thing in common to all of these is that you will never reach your full potential if you lack the confidence in yourself to achieve greatness. […]
October 13, 2015

The first step!

Did you have a long, tiring day? No energy? Are you still sore from yesterday and the day before? Don’t have the time? Do it anyway! You have a goal to accomplish, or did you forget about that? Sitting there watching Netflix is getting you closer to your goal? Unfortunately someone can’t reach a fitness goal for you. You have no-one to blame but yourself if […]