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September 15, 2015
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Fall Fitness Tips

The days are shorter and the nights are colder, but there’s no off-season for staying in shape. So here at Hi B Fitness we have a few fall fitness tips to maintain your fitness.

  1. Using Technology – Apps and fitness watches such as Fitbit, help you keep track of your daily activity to ensure that you are still reaching your goals no matter the weather conditions.
  2. Training Buddy – Find yourself a training partner to keep you in check. Making a plan to meet them will force you to go to the gym, even when you don’t want to.
  3. Change your routine – If you stick with a routine for too long, you can start to find it tedious and you will stop putting in the effort. Switch it up to keep yourself entertained and challenge yourself with something new.
  4. New clothes – Go out and buy new gym gear for the new season. By spending money on the new gear, you will be more comfortable heading into the gym, regardless of the weather.
  5. Train for an event – If there is a winter event or something early in the new year, sign up for it. It will keep you motivated and help keep you focused.

If you find yourself slipping or lacking in motivation, you can always ask to speak with a member of staff that you feel comfortable with and we will be more than happy to help pick up your spirits.

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