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Cut Those Sugar Cravings

I think it is safe say I’m not the only person that gets sugar cravings. Why do I crave sugar? When your body is attempting to raise levels of the “feel-good” hormone Serotonin, and since sugar triggers a Serotonin release, this can cause you to crave sweet things. So it is no wonder why we like sugar so much.

Here are a few tips to helps you reduce those sugar cravings:

1. Sugar free options. 

This applies to drinks, syrups, snacks etc. There are so many products out there that can give you the “sugar hit” that your body is craving without the actual sugar. So next time you are craving a sugary treat opt for a sugar free and lower calorie option.

2. Balanced diet. Structure your diet on flexibility and sustainability, this allows you to develop a healthy relationship with food! This doesn’t mean you can eat junk food all day, it simply means don’t restrict the variety of foods that you eat. Count all your macronutrients and calories, so you can still fit in your favourite ice-cream or a treat. You will crave sweets less often and also never feel the temptation or urge to binge.

3. Eat a variety of nutritious whole foods. If your diet consists of a lot of sugary foods then it is more likely that you are not going to stay full for long. As a general rule, you should be eating nutritious and caloric dense whole foods for the most part of your diet. Allocating a percentage to nutritious, micro and macro friendly foods, for example, vegetables, salads, fibre dense foods etc.

4. Stay hydrated. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to stay hydrated. Dehydration is linked directly to food cravings. Aim to drink 3L of water per day. On days of intense exercise, you should be aiming for 4-5L.

If you need advice about nutrition and eating right, you can make an appointment with any of our qualified gym instructors. Or for a more detailed and tailored made nutrition plan you can speak with one of the personal trainers that are available.

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